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I'm Erica, writer and game designer. I've created content for tabletop games such as Chronicles of Darkness and Dungeons & Dragons. I am an avid DM and Storyteller, and love creating worlds for people to explore.

I've been creating worlds since I was in elementary school, and began my involvement with RPGs only a few short years following that. I've written content for almost every major gameline in Chronicles of Darkness, and have written, published, and run several campaigns for Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy creating homebrew and custom content to suit the needs of myself and my players, and I love sharing these creations with the world.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Silver Springs

"Welcome to Silver Springs! How wonderful to have you join us.

We're positive that you're going to enjoy your time here. Our natural springs are sure to entice, but do make sure not to soil the water. Things may become particularly... unpleasant. We encourage the outdoorsy to explore the several hiking trails in the nearby parks and forests. We also encourage hikes that can be completed in a day - we do not recommend setting up camp along any of these trails.

Here are the numbers to all of our public service offices, and please don't hesitate to call for any reason other than the smell of rotten eggs. We are aware of the issue, but there is nothing to be done about it. But don't worry about any of that now - you get settled in, and we can talk more when you have questions.

We're going to enjoy having you."

Included in Silver Springs:

  • New NPCs, locations of interest, and storyhooks

  • Stats for every included NPC, notable location, and M/mystery for easy implementation during storytelling

  • Extensive insight into what each gameline is currently facing in the city of Silver Spring

New content for Beast: the Primordial, Changeling: the Lost, Demon: the Descent, Mage: the Awakening, Promethean: the Created, Vampire: the Requiem, and Werewolf: the Forsaken

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Fragile Glass

Awakenings are meant to be celebrated, according to most Awakened society; when a Sleeper sees past the Lie and can comprehend the Supernal Truths, the Pentacle seeks to welcome them with open arms. It might seem strange, then, to someone from another Consilium looking in that the local Awakened are anxiously tracking the Awakenings within their territory, almost as if hoping to stop them.

Within the past two months, nine Sleepers Awakened, all within days of each other. Since then, the Guardians of the Veil have been able to determine that the newly Awakened shared only one thing in common: before their Awakening, they all encountered something supernatural in origin, and were made to forget about it by some force or another. It isn’t unheard of for an Awakened mage to be a Mystery unto themselves, but it is rare.

This is the story of those mages.

What's Inside:

  • 27 pages of a structured storytelling adventure, including

  • 7 pages of relevant background information and characters

  • 6 pages of scenes detailed with overviews, descriptions, goals, actions, and consequences

  • 3 character sheets to be used with the adventure

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Banishing Hope

What happens when Awakenings fail? For most Sleepers, nothing at all. They continue on about their lives, never even remembering how close they came to seeing the Supernal Truths. Local Pentacle mages might keep their eye on Sleepers who failed to Awaken, but there is usually little need for interference.

What happens when a Sleeper is forced to Awaken? Nothing good, and in most cases, the mages forced to go through Awakenings become Banishers. It’s a miracle, then, that the nine mages that Awakened before the events of Fragile Glass did so successfully and without complication.

Truly a miracle.

What's Inside:

  • 19 pages of a structured storytelling adventure, including

  • 5 pages of relevant background information and characters

  • 5 pages of scenes detailed with overviews, descriptions, goals, actions, and consequences

  • 4 character sheets to be used with the adventure

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